Catsync & RFI

How to overcome reception problems with neighbors using plasma televisions/other RFI?

Well, I have these problems! I will give you a very good solution in case there is absolutely no other way.

You need 3 programs and a ham radio with com port. First you need preferably Ham Radio deLuxe, secondly you need a com port splitter, and you need program called Catsync.

What is Catsync?

CATSync allows you to syncronize public WebSDR receivers with your real rig connected via CAT control to your computer. It supports the classical WebSDR as well as Kiwi SDR interfaces

There are many KiwiSDR and WebSDR online. There might be one in your neighborhood? It has to be nearby. Check it out: here

Great program, and costs only $9.95. Have a look at it, Youtube link: The program you get from here:

How to run Ham Radio DeLuxe simultaneously with Catsync?

You need to split the available com port from your transceiver so you can tune frequency both Catsync and HRD AT THE SAME TIME. This you do with a virtual serial port splitter.  

Looking for a Virtual Serial Port Splitter? Some advise: Do NOT spend your money on VPSE from Eterlogic. I made this mistake. This program crashes both Windows 7 and 10, at least when using the 64 bit version. This is tested on three separate computers, totally worthless. But what are the alternatives? Fabulatech or Eltima, who sell there software for large numbers? Good alternative I found, and super easy to install, works immediately, flawlessly on 64 bit operative systems: TCP Com Bridge from Aggsoft only costs you about 30 dollars, buy it and you made a great choice!

So now you split the com port of your ham radio. The newly created two virtual com ports will now serve both Catsync and HRD.

What I did was mixing the AUDIO output from the transceiver and the AUDIO output from computer through an external hardware audio mixer. This way I could listen both to the hamradio and to Catsyncs output simultaneously.  I did that by using a cheap audio mixer bought on So when signal reception QRM occurs at home, I can mix the audio received through Catsync, and hopefully finnish my QSO.

So guys, if problems occur you can always send me an email.