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2019/July 27. Using FT8 quite a lot now. My settings on 20 are 25 watts/beam. On 40 meter my settings are 25 watts/Butternut BTV4 vertical.

2019/April 30. The Butternut 4BTV has arrived and is installed. Here some pictures of my garden Early May 2019. Press the picture if you like to see them larger.

2019/April 17. UPDATE. I have been working many stations now with this radio and it is absolutely the best radio I have ever owned. I love the noise reduction DNR. 

I sold my FT-1000 MARC-V. I loved this radio, but sometimes you want something new. 

2019/February 20. 

 Wow a new radio! Even though it is already an old radio, to me it’s new!

How to overcome reception problems with neighbors using plasma televisions/other RFI?

Well, I have these problems! I will give you a very good solution in case there is absolutely no other way.

You need 3 programs and a ham radio with com port. First you need preferably Ham Radio deLuxe, secondly you need a com port splitter, and you need program called Catsync.

What is Catsync?

CATSync allows you to syncronize public WebSDR receivers with your real rig connected via CAT control to your computer. It supports the classical WebSDR as well as Kiwi SDR interfaces

There are many KiwiSDR and WebSDR online. There might be one in your neighborhood? It has to be nearby. Check it out: here

Great program, and costs only $9.95. Have a look at it, Youtube link: The program you get from here:

How to run Ham Radio DeLuxe simultaneously with Catsync?

You need to split the available com port from your transceiver so you can tune frequency both Catsync and HRD AT THE SAME TIME. This you do with a virtual serial port splitter.  

Looking for a Virtual Serial Port Splitter? Some advise: Do NOT spend your money on VPSE from Eterlogic. I made this mistake. This program crashes both Windows 7 and 10, at least when using the 64 bit version. This is tested on three separate computers, totally worthless. But what are the alternatives? Fabulatech or Eltima, who sell there software for large numbers? Good alternative I found, and super easy to install, works immediately, flawlessly on 64 bit operative systems: TCP Com Bridge from Aggsoft only costs you about 30 dollars, buy it and you made a great choice!

So now you split the com port of your ham radio. The newly created two virtual com ports will now serve both Catsync and HRD.

What I did was mixing the AUDIO output from the transceiver and the AUDIO output from computer through an external hardware audio mixer. This way I could listen both to the hamradio and to Catsyncs output simultaneously.  I did that by using a cheap audio mixer bought on So when signal reception QRM occurs at home, I can mix the audio received through Catsync, and hopefully finnish my QSO.

So guys, if problems occur you can always send me an email.

2017. After a roof fire I had to remove the Fritzel tri-bander. The only antenna I am using now is the Sandpiper V9. A wonderful small antenna for HAMs who do not have a large garden or roof. With some power and this antenna you’re good to go. All of Europe, Eastern USA and South America worked pretty well. It is only about 4.7 meters high and can be used on most bands. I do not have a good SWR on 15, and 80 meter isn’t very efficient, but all the other bands work fine! I usually run 500 watts which is max power for this antenna. Check out the Sandpiper homepage here

2015/December 2. Thanks John NG0Z for sending this recorded qso from Minneapolis Minnesota: Very much appreciated!

2015/July 4. Got a new toy to play with. A FT-950E in great condition. Made some very nice QSO’s with it and it together with the FT-1000MP MarcV my shack looks complete. I ordered a CAT cable and a panadapter cable so I soon can connect it to the computer together with Hamradio deLuxe and HDSDR.

2015/April 6. Wow! Great propogation all over the world. Make DX contacts easily. Just Micronesia didn’t work for me, after an hour calling and running full power, I gave up. Worked instead with New Zealand, ZL1SLO who only runs 80 watts and a vertical. That wasn’t bad!

 The antenna is painted white by a funny guy who sold the beam to me for a fair price. The tower is a crank-up mast, home made up to 13 meters.I recently reduced my “high noise” 5/+10 level on 20 (thanks to a neighbor) to 5/7! Killed some own switched power supplies here at home as well. You saw the noise level dropping and the weaker stations were readeable again.

2014/May 21. Bought some cb radios which cover the 10 meterband. A President George, a President Jackson and a Lincoln. The George gives almost 30 watts out on 10, and gave me immediately a couple of “over the pond” QSO’s. 30 watts of power seem to work quite well to the Americas on 10. The Lincoln was a disaster, the rx was distorted and poor. The illumination of the display was broken, and the was a small crack in the front panel. After a couple of repairs this radio is now one of my favorites. Audio is perfect again and I made an external audio output on the backside of the radio. The biggest problems were the dry electrolyte capacitors. I had to replace lots of them, and some diodes as well. Reduced the SSB output to 10 watts so it can be safely used with a power amplifier. Nice toy, but nothing compared to my yeasu.

My HAM radio equipment:

Yaesu FTDX-3000 100W
Yaesu FT-950E 100W
Antenna tuner MFJ-962D
Fritzel FB-33, an old german Fritzel from the 70s
Heathkit SB-200 power amplifier 600-700W
Sandpiper antenna V9 for 17/20/30/40 meter band

2013/february. Lots of fun, lots of hobbies. Other interests are flyging RC helicopters which I have training now for the last year. Have been configuring Dreamboxes, 7025 & 800, testing lots of firmwares to it and have been setting up 2 motorized satellite dishes.  At the end it is all about radio and antennes!







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